Social Event

ECCS warmup finale: Complex Sundays

So you got through the lectures and feel like chilling now, uh? After all, everybody needs some relax before the main conference!

Also, Lucca is beautiful and all, innit? But you have been in Italy for 48 hours already and are less than 10km from the sea, yet you haven’t seen it yet. That’s a shame!

This is exactly why we are planning on organising a major social event at the end of the school, so that you can chat away at all those interesting people you met at the school, but were too shy (under normal conditions) to talk to. And naturally to encourage networking among participants and stimulating science discussion.

On Sunday, we invite all the participants to join us in the final social day to close the Warm Up and start the official ECCS congress week. The party will consist in a long lunch organized in the pine tree forest near the beach in Tirrenia, the beach village of Pisa. A nice restaurant will be there so that, whatever the weather, we will be sure to have an enjoyable time.,10.309227,3a,75y,334.19h,84.77t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sMw88e1BxigYiI1GzPFCZuQ!2e0