We are greatful to all the lecturers and participants of the school that decided to share their slides, and agreed to be recorded!

School Lectures

Stefano Battiston Slides-1 Slides-2 Complex Financial Networks
Roberta Sinatra Slides Is my data special? Null models, controls, and how to come up with them
Ciro Cattuto Influence and Homophily in Social Media

PhD Flash-Talks Session

Divided in the following tracks:

Time is running out: temporal networks in epidemics, communities and social behaviors

Eugenio Valdano Slides Audio Analytical computation of the epidemic threshold on temporal networks
Federico Botta Slides Audio Community structure in a mobile phone network
Federico Battiston Slides Audio Structural measures for multiplex networks
Marta Sarzynska Slides Audio Null Models for Community Detection in Spatially Embedded, Temporal Networks


Trade, health, energy, terrorists: How data mining can improve our lifes?

Anna A. Zaytseva  Audio Mutual shaping between technologies and law: e-health
Juan Luis Santos Slides Audio Consequences of trading hours deregulation. A spatiotemporal object-oriented data model for Madrid region
Michal Klos Slides Audio Divide et impera – how to perform an efficient partitioning of electroenergetic network
Bruno Pace Slides Audio From cells to urban planning


Don’t stop me: Mobility in the big data era

Cheryl Abundo Slides Audio Reconstructing a Forgotten Migration History Through Languages and Genes
Paolo Cintia Slides Audio Big Data challenge: toward a new mobility analysis framework
Vsevolod Salnikov Slides Audio A semi real-time dataset on human mobility
Riccardo Gallotti Slides Audio Open Multilayer Public Transport Data
Luca Pappalardo Slides Audio Combining Network Science and Data Mining to study the patterns of Human Behavior


Theoretical tools in real life: Models and algorithms from financial bubbles to protein sequences

Giuseppe Profiti Slides Audio Graph algorithms for bioinformatics
Jagoda Kaszowska Slides Audio The role of perception of risk in the amplification mechanisms: ABM approach.
 Mateusz Iskrzynski Slides Audio  Multidimensional models
 Pietro Battiston Slides Audio Not that fundamental:bubbles in financial networks

* This files are for personal use only. If you wish to reproduce them elsewhere, you should contact the corresponding author


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