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With the definitive explosion of information technologies, complex networks are everywhere: from the internet to the metabolic system, going through transport infrastructures and social systems.
We have plenty of data to play around, but do we understand the theory on how to apply it properly? What aspects remain to be solved? Are the existing models useful and relevant? Those inspiring questions have arised in the field of complex science since its birth in the 90’s.

Following last years successful edition, we have once more decided to organize a summer school coinciding with the European Conference on Complex Systems  thus profiting the opportunity offered by the presence of a wide variety of experts in different topics in Lucca. The projected school aims to offer young researchers the opportunity to learn new methods, present their work and meet fellow researchers, and it also represents a good opportunity for young researcher to prepare their participation to the main ECCS conference in an informal and relaxed environment.

Following our policy to display local talent, three renowned italian researchers will each present a different aspect of complex networks in three hour sessions. Names such as Dr. Roberta Sinatra, Dr. Ciro Catutto and Prof. Stefano Battiston should sound familiar to any interested student. Furthermore, we plan a meeting where each participant will have the possibility to share with the others his work, organized as a flash presentation workshop. Of course, a major social event is also included, to stimulate networking and “prepare” the official ECCS conference.

We are a group of young researchers who organize this event with a lot of energy, hopes and passion and we are convinced that the ECCS-WarmUp School on Complex Networks represents a unique opportunity for many young researchers to interact, learn new techniques and gain valuable additional skills.

We hope to see you soon enough in Lucca, so we can together share our experiences.


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